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Christmas 2022 Stock and the baby!

Dear followers, customers and fans of Emergo Designs,
2022 has been an amazing year for me. With the introduction of both the Hugo and the Enduris, our line-up is as good as it gets. These new knives are fabulous for oyster lovers. People around the world send us nice messages after receiving their piece. And I've received favorable reviews from people like the Oyster Ninja and Julie Qiu. I'm honored that I am allowed to make knives and ship them to eager customers.
But 2022 has been amazing for me personally as well. My wife and I are expecting our first child in December! Wooohhh!! And also: in the middle of Christmas season, which is a bit inconvenient. But the reality is that you can't plan things like this. My wife and I are both very grateful and we will make the best of the timing. Like Taylor Swift would say, ''if you fail to plan, you plan to fail''.
I'll be taking a few weeks of leave once that baby is here! To serve as many customers as possible, I'm focusing on my Hugo knife. I try to keep this best seller oyster opening tool in stock as long as possible. The Jacomina and Enduris knives will be in pre-order for February-March. By taking this strategy, it should be possible to send out some presents this year.
I'm very grateful what 2022 has brought me and I'm super excited for the future.
Kind regards,
Alexander Bol
Owner and maker of Emergo Designs
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