2023 Damasteel Chef's Invitational was a blast!

2023 Damasteel Chef's Invitational was a blast!

On the 18th of November, 2023, Emergo Designs had the honor of being part of the Damasteel Chef's Invitational—an event orchestrated by Damasteel from Sweden, renowned for their exceptional steel, which I use in crafting Jacomina and Enduris knives. This gathering was an opportunity to celebrate craftsmanship and passion, and I'm grateful for the chance to share my love for oysters.

Although it was about chef's knives in general, we made it all about oysters in our online booth. While the event primarily catered to chefs and culinary enthusiasts, our focus remained on the artistry behind crafting oyster knives and the culture surrounding these magnificent mollusks.


A Gathering of Oyster Aficionados

I had the pleasure of hosting esteemed oyster experts, Julie Qiu from In a Half Shell Blog, and Virginia Shaffer, affectionately known as Lady Oyster. Together, we engaged in insightful discussions, exploring the intricacies of oyster appreciation, sharing experiences, and celebrating our mutual love for these treasures from the sea. And what to eat for Christmas!

Live Demonstrations and Culinary Explorations:

Enduris oyster knife with 4 freshly shucked oysters
During the event, I conducted live shucking demonstrations, aiming to showcase the precision and finesse that can be achieved when using Jacomina and Enduris knives. Additionally, I attempted to tantalize taste buds with a culinary demonstration, preparing grilled cheese oysters—albeit with a minor oversight on the onion, a crucial ingredient which I forgot.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who graced the event with their presence. Your shared enthusiasm and dedication to oyster culture made the evening memorable and inspiring. Participating in the Damasteel Chef's Invitational was an enriching experience, affirming my commitment to craftsmanship and dedication to the world of oysters. As I reflect on this event, I'm humbled by the collective passion that fuels Emergo Designs' quest to create exceptional oyster knives.

Continuing the Path:

Stay connected with Emergo Designs for future endeavors and updates. Your support and shared passion for oysters drive me to craft knives that honor the beauty and tradition of this unique culinary art.

With Warm Regards,

Alexander Bol
Emergo Designs


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