The Hugo Full Titanium Oyster Knife

CNC Milling Oyster Knives

Ever since I’ve graduated as an engineer, I wanted to bring CNC into my knife making process. It takes a lot of thought and programming to run a computer controlled milling machine. Furthermore the costs of the machine and tooling are sky high. However once the machine is setup, the machine can do automated runs. For me that means doing the rough cutting of the blades and handles, ready for hand finishing. That’s why I’ve changed the naming from handmade to custom oyster knives.

The main reason for using a CNC is the extra creative freedom that this process is offering. The shapes, milling patterns and engravings in the Hugo knife are impossible to make by hand. The Syil X7, my CNC milling machine, cuts around 80% of the knife. However I do the final 20% of the shaping and polishing by hand. 

The worlds first titanium oyster knife on the Syil X7

The Hugo Oyster Knives

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