How to open an oyster with a Emergo Designs oyster shucker

How to open an oyster with a Emergo Designs oyster shucker

How to open a oyster with a custom oyster knife

Opening oysters can be hard! These shellfish creatures live in the sea and they endure winter storms, icy water and all other things that nature throws at them. They are though, but luckily so are our oyster knives!

I’m not the greatest shucker and this video is a bit old, but the basic principles still apply. Make sure you are using a towel or a oyster glove to protect your hands. Keep the oyster flat and try to pry into the shell from the back of the shell. This is a wiggling motion until the tip of the knife goes into the shell.

When your shucker is in the oyster, rotate the knife 90 degrees along a horizontal axis. This pulls the shell apart without damaging the meat or the knife. Then rotate the oyster and cut the forward muscle so that the shell can be pulled open. The final step would be to cut the bottom muscle and flip the oyster in it’s shell for presentation and consumption.


There are a lot of different recipes for cooking and eating oysters. I like the oyster obsessions’ facebook group for this.

oyster obsession

I will share my favorite recipe on a future post! Enjoy your oyster!

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