Jacomina oyster opening tool and an shucked oyster on a bed of ice

How to open an oyster!

People love oysters, but hate shucking them. It's a chore and a skill. But it doesn't actually has to be that hard if you know what you are doing! I'm not an expert like Doughlas the oyster ninja, but my guide might help you out. My advice for shucking, just as for knife making, is take your time!
To open an oyster, you will need the following tools:
  1. An oyster knife! Emergo Designs makes unique tools that are specific for opening oysters. But you can use other brands! How ever I always recommend using a dedicated tool. Not a plain knife that you have lying around.
  2. A kitchen towel or glove.: You will need something to protect your hand while you are opening oysters. Not only as protection from the knife, but also from the oyster. A kitchen towel or gloves will help prevent you from cutting yourself. I use the chain mail gloves and I highly recommend them.
  3. An oyster: Make sure the oyster is fresh and still alive. An oyster that is not alive or is not fresh may not be safe to eat.
To open the oyster:
  1. Hold the oyster in your hand, with the flat side facing up. The hinge, which is the point where the two shells meet, should be at the bottom.
  2. Hold the oyster knife in your other hand, and slide the blade between the two shells at the hinge.
  3. Twist the blade gently to pry the shells apart. You may need to wiggle the blade slightly to loosen the shells.
  4. Once the shells are open, cut the muscle that holds the oyster to the top shell. Be careful not to spill the liquid inside the oyster, as this is known as the "liquor" and adds flavor to the oyster.
  5. Discard the top shell and serve the oyster on a bed of ice or on a small plate. You can eat the oyster as is, or you can add a squeeze of lemon juice or a sauce of your choice. Enjoy!
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