Emergo Designs on the Full Blast Podcast!

Emergo Designs on the Full Blast Podcast!

I met Geoff Feder during Damasteel Chefs knife invitational 2023. He is a knife maker(Feder Knives) and podcast host for both the Full Blast Podcast and Knife Talk Podcast. Because Emergo Designs only makes oyster opening tools, I'm not well known in the larger knife community. I live in my own niche and try to conquer the world with my designs. 

So during the Online Damasteel Event I was introduced to the crew of the Knife Talk Podcast, and they to me. Immediately they were very nice and gave me a lot of compliments. They just hadn't seen anything like my knives before. And I personally thought: these guys are cool, let's give them a listen. 

KTPodcast is run by 3 knife makers who chat each week. They answer listener questions and give amazing tips if you want to start making your own knives. Full Blast Podcast is Geoff's personal side project where he interviews guests. And wow, what a group of amazing people he's had on! My favorite's are Aaron Gough(his video's thought me knife making in 2013!), Bre Pettis( I bought his Makerbot 5thGen 3D printer in 2014 and it was the start of the ''Engineering Services'' side of Emergo Designs) and Fingal Ferguson( another great knife maker I got to learn at the Damasteel event).

So when Geoff reached out if I wanted to be on his podcast I felt very honored! Last week we had a lovely conversation and you can find it on different platforms. Links are below!


Apple Podcasts


The podcast is about oysters (duhhh), oyster farming, my background and making in general. I had a Blast and hope you will have that too! Enjoy Listening.

Kind Regards, Alexander Bol


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