Our oyster opening tools

Make opening oysters easy

Emergo Designs offers 3 models of custom made oyster shuckers. I designed and tested all models to be the ultimate oyster opening tools. Furthermore each knife is made piece by piece and the design is improving with each knife. The end result is 3 knife models that are elegant and will give the user confidence while opening an oyster. In conclusion: the ergonomic handles will help with a better shucking experience.

I try to make each shucker to order and there might be a waiting time. However if you need a knife before a specific date, please contact me by sending and email first. I will let you know if this is possible. Adding an engraving to personalize a oyster opening tool won’t impact the lead time.

Emergo Designs is proud to make the most beautiful shucking tools in the Netherlands. We sell exclusive tools for oysters that ship for free all over the world.

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Hugo oyster opening tool no 3
Opening fresh oysters made easy
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Unique designs

Our oyster shucker models:

What comes with these oyster tools?

The goal was simple: to be able to use a tool for oysters that won’t break the tip and won’t cause hand injury. Furthermore: it has to look and shuck amazing! That is why I try to make it a complete package. The knife helps to enhance the complete oyster experience. Opening oysters with one of my knives should feel like: ”every oyster has a pearl inside”.

Part of this feeling is also in the unpacking experience. Therefore each knife comes with a beautiful wooden case and certificates of authenticity. This because all Emergo Designs oyster opening tools are numbered editions.

Jacomina Damasteel knife with custom made case

Certificate of Authenticity

Every Emergo Designs oyster knife is part of a numbered edition. The certificate proves that the shucker is an authentic piece made by me.


There is also a maintenance manual with the knife. Most importantly to keep the wood and steel in the best condition. This so that this knife will last you a lifetime!

Special Oil

Each knife also comes with a small cannister of Ballistol Oil. This is a food safe maintenance oil that will keep the blade and the wood pretty.

Micro fibre towel

Ideal for cleaning the knife without damaging the finish of the wood and steel. This will allow you to enjoy this knife even longer.

Watch how we make our packaging

Want to see your oyster knife being made?

We use Instagram to share our processes and the beautiful knives we finish. However not just the pretty things, but also the ups and downs that come with the striving to perfection.

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