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The ”Original” oyster knife


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The original oyster knife that started everything for Emergo Designs. An elegant handmade product that will give confidence while opening oysters! The long and ergonomic handle makes shucking easier because you have more control. Now you can always safely and easily shuck your own oysters. Make this knife even more personal by adding an engraving to the blade or to the luxury box. Current time to shipping is 3 to 4 weeks!

Meet the “Original” oyster knife

A custom made knife out of RWL34 stainless steel and Paduk wood. This shucker is a limited edition of 50 pieces. In the video I show how I made number 1.

Gorgeous wood

For this knife we use the beautiful red Paduk wood. It’s a hardwood with a remarkable colour and grain. It is very fine and does not feel rough at all.

The knife itself is very ergonomically. The large handle gives good grip and control. This allows the user to easily enter the oyster with less risk for the hand that is holding the oyster.

An ''original'' type oyster shucker used for opening oysters.
All oyster shuckers come with a mirror polish spine to prevent rust.

Stainless super steel

The sharp point of the knife can only be maintained because of the RWL34 steel. This pure Swedish powder steel is state of the art and very corrosion resistant.

Powder steels are molten in a crucible without the influence of air. Therefore there are no air bubbles inside the steel and this makes it less prone to breaking. That’s why it’s a superb steel for opening tough oysters.

Traditional and modern

It has a mosaic handle pin that symbolizes a ”Zeeuwse knoop”: a traditional local symbol of decoration. It is well know in the province of ”Zeeland” where my family has been growing and fishing oysters for over 100 years.

The handle pin combines a traditional element with the clean and elegant design of the knife.

Each oyster shucker has a mosic handle pin that symbolizes the ''Zeeuwse Knoop''.

See how this shucker preforms

I’m not the greatest oyster shucker, but this video might give you an insight in how this knife preforms! It is a great allround oyster opening tool that is used worldwide.

Packaged like no other shucker

A custom oyster shucker is a special culinary tool. So why not make a packaging that makes it even more special? Our cases are made 100% in house on our CNC router and they make this oyster knife ideal as a gift. To yourself or to someone else!

We have the possibility to do logos and engravings on the cover to make this oyster opening tool even more special. Each knife comes with:

-The ”Original” oyster knife
-The wooden case
-Certificate of Authenticity
-Protective oil
-Microfiber cloth


  • A limited edition oyster knife made in the Netherlands.
  • The original oyster knife comes with Oil, a microfibre cloth, the certificate of authenticity and the knife.
  • Each oyster knife comes with a beautiful gift case.
  • The Emergo Designs Logo
  • The ultimate oyster shucker
The very first Oyster knife I shipped to a customer in 2014

The first oyster knife that shipped out to a customer in 2014.

5 years warranty

I understand that buying a handmade culinary tool can be a strange sensation. We have shipped our knives words wide to over 18 different countries so far. To back up our product, Emergo Designs offers 5 years warranty on each oyster shucker. Please let us know if you have any questions about our product.

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