The Jacomina oyster knife



The Jacomina oyster knife is the most exclusive oyster shucker in the Emergo Designs line up. Made with beautiful Damasteel pattern welded damascus steel.


This video shows me making the prototype of the Jacomina oyster knife. The process has improved a lot since. This shucker still takes the most hours of handwork to make.

How it’s Made

Meet the very special edition Damasteel Oyster knife. A intricate blend between unique materials and Dutch Design.

The “Jacomina” model is named after my grandmother and one of our family’s fishing vessels. My family’s oyster heritage and my knowledge as a maker have been combined to make this special oyster knife.

Might it be the most exclusive oyster knife in the world ?

Damascus steel oyster knife

The blade itself is made from Damasteel damascus steel. This stainless steel consists of 2 materials that have been forged together. The smith hammers and twists the steel, making an organic pattern in the material. This is later revealed by etching the knife. One steel will colour darker, the other steel will keep its silver colour.

Damasteel Odinheim pattern is stainless and beautiful.
Jacomina Oyster opening tool, named after the Ye86 Jacomina Fishing vessel.

Stunning wooden handles

The wood of the handle is gorgeous Desert Iron wood. It is shaped, sanded, polished and oiled. These handles are a beautiful addition to the Damasteel blade.

The shape is very comfortable and it gives superior control for opening oysters. Using this shucker will make the oyster opening proces safer and more enjoyable.

A unique gift

Each oyster opening tool is handmade by me in my workshop in the Netherlands. All the knives are numbered and come in an attractive case. The elegant packaging is made out of a solid block of wood and inspired by Dieter Rams.

It truly elevates this oyster knife to another level. Like I said: “Maybe the most exclusive oyster knife in the world?”

This is the packaging a Jacomina oyster knife ships in and it's perfect as a gift!
The complete set that comes with a Jacomina Oyster knife

What comes with the knife

Each purchase of the ”Jacomina” model comes with:
-The Jacomina shucker
-The wooden case
-Certificate of Authenticity
-Maintenance oil
-Micro fibre cloth

5 years warranty

I understand that buying a handmade culinary tool can be a strange sensation. We ship our knives words wide and we might have never met. To back up our product, Emergo Designs offers 5 years warranty on each oyster shucker.

Each Jacomina shucker comes with Damasteel and Desert ironwood handles.

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