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At Emergo Designs we make the ”Hugo oyster knife” out of a solid block of titanium. It’s unique in appearance and it can’t rust. The flexibility of titanium gives a very durable knife that makes it easier to open oysters. Approximate shipping time is 14 to 30 days after ordering.

This video shows me making the prototype of the Hugo oyster knife. Titanium is a very difficult material to work with. This video is part of a video series named ” Made for Oysters” which covers the development of this shucker.

How I make this oyster knife

Titanium is a ”sexy” material that Aerospace and other high performance fields use. I mill my oyster knives with a CNC milling machine. By removing layer by layer of material the final oyster knife is ”sculped” out of a solid block of titanium.

Then comes the hand work of finishing and polishing the knife. Anodizing titanium is a process that forms a thin color layer on the blade. This dye free layer can for instance be bronze, blue, purple or green. I stone tumble the knife which gives an amazing two tone finish.

Why Titanium for a knife?

I am specialized in oyster knife making for 8+ years and I’ve always had two fears: Rust and breaking knife tips. Therefore I started looking into titanium Grade 5 as a better and cooler option.

Titanium has no iron, so it can’t rust! That’s for instance why doctors and scientists use it for medical implants. And Grade 5 is flexible and springs back into shape compared to steels that would brake. That’s why it’s used for airplane landing gear frames.

The Hugo oyster knife was named after my grandfather
Numbered edition No11, now in possession of the Oyster Ninja

A numbered edition

I engrave the shuckers number on each blade. This makes it extra special since we are not making many pieces a year. The Two-Tone finish makes the logo and number pop against the titanium background!

Moreover each knife also comes with a amazing wooden case that holds the knife and a little booklet. This booklet gives more background information and contains the ”Certificate of Authenticity”.

Virginia Shaffer AKA @lady_oyster writes beautiful pieces about oysters and oyster culture! So I asked her to review one of the first Hugo oyster shuckers:

She wrote: After my initial awe and successful oyster plating, I knew that this knife would become so much more than the heap of others I’ve kept in rotation. It would become a keepsake, representing a memory of my own love for oysters, a symbol of sustainable choices, an intrinsic value of passion and craftsmanship, and the ongoing reminder that oysters continue to inspire innovation, even in the most basic of utilities.

Click here to read the full article!

See what @lady_oyster thinks!

Hugo oyster knife, picture by @ Lady Oyster

Customize as a gift

My company Emergo Designs makes all the knives 100% inhouse in the Netherlands. Therefore we can customize to make this oyster shucker a perfect gift or memento. For instance for a wedding, graduation or retirement.

We can laser engrave logo’s, text or dates in the case. This makes for a personal touch combined with an amazing gift. Please select the option for engraving during checkout. And I will contact you with a design proposal.

The knife also comes with a booklet with the name of the receiving person. We make each knife special for the lucky receiving person and aim for perfection. It’s all in the little details!

A pink titanium oyster knife by Emergo Designs
Lady_Oyster holding the knife in hand

Circular oyster kitchen ware

The Hugo oyster knife is a circular product. That means it can be 100% recycled and no usage of chemicals, glue or lacquering during the making process.

The reason is twofold: It’s better for the environment, but it’s also better for me. Moreover since I make all the knives myself I have the chance to breathe all the glue and chemicals. By removing them from the process, there is no chance of releasing them into the environment.

Because I make the knife out of a single piece of titanium, it can be molten back into new usable material. And we recycle all the metal chips we carve from the blocks as well. Emergo Designs will take back your knife so we can recycle it, or we can give instructions so you can do it yourself. The titanium scrap price is high and the profits for reusing should cover all the shipping costs.

Known materials

Emergo Designs sources it’s materials from companies we have a bond with. For instance the titanium comes from a German supplier. Furthermore we use recycled wood for the cases and the trees used to stand on a dike near Ellewoutsdijk. My old workshop buddy harvested these trees and this stock should last a few years.

5 years warranty

I make my knives to last a lifetime and to back that up we give 5 years warranty. We have tested this titanium concept during many shucking sessions. And we asked feedback from professionals, for instance Andre Linting from Oesterkrakers. And we even made a YouTube video series about the development of the Hugo knife.

At Emergo Designs we have tried our very best to make a shucker that will endure. Oysters are hard and tough and errors are possible. Yet should some defect occur on your knife, we can usually repair this by regrinding the knife. We will always ask you to send back the knife. In conclusion: If we can make it, we should be able to repair it!

Please let us know if there are any other questions or things that you would like explained. You can contact us via email, phone or social media.

Grey finished Hugo oyster opening tool by Emergo Designs

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2 reviews for The Hugo full titanium Oyster knife

  1. H. Bakker

    Best shucker I have ever seen. So unique in shape and material. And the engraving was a lovely touch for my father. He enjoys this oyster knife very weekend.

  2. J. Pike (verified owner)

    Bought as a birthday gift for my husband.

    Unique design that is clearly inspired by someone who knows the strength and comfort that is needed from an oyster knife.
    This product is high quality: cracking design and made to enjoy and last.

    I bought the green version as a gift and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The custom box is lovely too.

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