Flax-fiber oyster knife



Meet my limited edition ”Flax-fiber oyster knife”. A handmade oyster shucker made from RWL34 stainless steel and natural flax-fiber micarta. This model is limited to 10 pieces.


Limited to 10 pieces

This knife is truly a limited edition. Only 10 knives will be made with this special handle material. This video shows the making of the first oyster shucker back in 2017. A lot has changed since then and there will be a nice revision in 2021.

Bio-Based composite handle

The handle of this oyster shucker is made out of flax. This plant is harvested and woven into cloth. It will look and act like carbon fiber, but on a natural basis.

To make this happen, the fabric is cast into bio epoxy and cured in a vacuum condition. This allows the the handle material to become strong and solid. Your knife handle will therefore have a beautiful looking material that is free of plastics, solvents and other chemicals.

Custom flax fiber oyster shucker by Emergo Designs
Flax fibered edition oyster knife before an artpiece by Danny van Rijt

Stainless super steel

The sharp point of the knife can only be maintained because of the RWL34 steel. This pure Swedish powder steel is state of the art and very corrosion resistant.

Powder steels are molten in a crucible without the influence of air. Therefore there are no air bubbles inside the steel and this makes it less prone to breaking. That’s why it’s a superb steel for opening tough oysters.

Traditional and modern

It has a mosaic handle pin that symbolizes a ”Zeeuwse knoop”: a traditional local symbol of decoration. It is well know in the province of ”Zeeland” where my family has been growing and fishing oysters for over 100 years.

The handle pin combines a traditional element with the clean and elegant design of the knife.

The ''zeeuwse knop'' icon in the flax fiber oyster knife
Flax fiber oyster knife number 02 by Emergo Designs

5 Years warranty

I understand that buying a handmade culinary tool can be a strange sensation. We ship our knives words wide and we might have never met. To back up our product, Emergo Designs offers 5 years warranty on each oyster shucker.

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