Photo Gallery of My Oyster Knives

This gallery will give an overview of some of the oyster shuckers that I made over the last few years. The knives have continuously improved and details might have changed to the knife. The most recent variations of my work can be found on my Instagram page where I try to post weekly updates.

My Handmade Knives For Oysters

Shucking Tools, Made For Oysters

Emergo Designs offers three unique oyster shuckers. An overview page can be found here. Whether you’re a chef, a knife collector, or simply a fan of seafood — you’ve found the perfect tool for oysters.

I make many different variations of my knives, as shown in the gallery. Please note that all base models can be adjusted to your wishes.:

-A engraving on the knife, for instance with text or a logo.

-Different handle materials, for instance other woods or materials with a special meaning.

-Fully customized oyster knives with a different model. Exclusively for companies, perhaps a promotional gift.

If you would be interested in a customized version of my opening tools, please send me an email here.