Photo Gallery of My Oyster Knives

This page will have you see an overview of the photo gallery of my oyster knives.

Over the years they have continuously improved and details might have changed during the shucker-making process.

I’ve been making such tools since 2013 and this gallery shows some of the many variations that I have made.

This very gallery serves as my customers’ guide in selecting their preferred knife for opening oysters.

Get The Most Functional Oyster Knife

Though the work itself has never been easy, it’s the result that I’m after.

Besides, who would want a shucking oyster knife that doesn’t meet your expectations, right?

An ordinary steel knife doesn’t cut it which is why I make these.

My Handmade Knives For Oysters

Shucking Tools Exclusively For Oysters

Why Choose Emergo Designs?

Use it in the kitchen, at any event/party, or want this as a lovely present, you’re always welcome to place an order.

For inquiries, please go here and I will gladly guide you through the ordering process.

Unique Handmade Knives

Comfort, fun, and functional design are very important to me because that’s what these handmade oyster shuckers are.

Every handmade oyster knife will get the job done, so it’s just perfect for family gatherings or parties.

It’s always a pleasure to make one for you and however you want it.

Functional, Elegant Shucking Tool

Whether you’re a chef, a knife collector, or simply a fan of seafood — you’ve found the perfect tool for oysters.

The goal was simple: to be able to use a shucking tool that won’t break the tip and won’t cause hand injury.

What Comes With The Handmade Oyster Knife?

There is always a great opportunity to own this elegant shucking knife.

That said, it will take about 2 to 4 weeks and once your original handmade knife is shipped I will keep you posted on the progress.

Also, note that an additional request for shipping costs will follow once the knife is ready.