Custom Shucking Tools, Made For Oysters

Why not make it even more special?

  • Engraving on the blade
  • Logo or text lasered on the case
  • A limited edition series oyster knife especially for you

  • Special materials to your preference

Emergo Designs offers unique oyster shuckers. Whether you’re a chef, a knife collector, or simply a fan of seafood — you’ve found the perfect tool for oysters.

I make many different variations of my knives, as shown in the gallery. Please note that all base models can be adjusted to your wishes.

-A engraving on the knife or case, for instance with text or a logo.

-Different handle materials, for instance other woods or materials with a special meaning.

-Fully customized oyster knives with a different model. Exclusively for companies, perhaps a promotional gift.

If you would be interested in a customized version of my opening tools, please send me an request via the form at the bottom of this page.

A ''Pearl'' type oyster shucker. Made exclusively for Zeeland's Roem.

Zeeland’s Roem and Emergo Designs did a custom oyster knife collaboration. The result was a 20 piece limited edition especially for the well know shellfish company. For Zeeland’s Roem it is a amazing shucker to give to their best customers. The oyster opening tool was complete with an amazing packaging to the customers specification. It featured multiple laser engraving to enhance the Zeeland’s Roem brand.

Emergo Designs is open to more of these special collaborations. It is a unique gift for companies working in the fish and food industry. But also as a great as a custom product to be featured in a high end restaurant.

This custom oyster opening tool is No31 in a limited edition of 50 pieces.
Emergo Designs offers the possibility to custom engrave the knife and packaging of each oyster opening tool.
I use a K40 laser to custom engrave my knife cases with names, logo's and dates.
Make it even more personal

Custom engraving on your knife

My oyster shuckers are an awesome gift to give or receive. But why not make this handmade product even more personal? You can select this option when choosing your knife

On the blade

Add a date, a name or initials to make the knife even more personal. There is less space available on the blade.

On the case

We can laser engrave logos, names, dates and images on the cover of the case. More detail and more room to show your message.


A full custom oyster shucker exclusively for your company.

Interested? Contact me about an oyster knife exclusively for your company.