The Jacomina Oyster knife

Meet the very special edition Damasteel Oyster knife. A intricate blend between unique materials and Dutch Design. The “Jacomina” model is named after my grandmother and one of our family’s fishing vessels. My family’s oyster heritage and my knowledge as a maker have been combined to make this special oyster knife. Might it be the most exclusive oyster knife in the world ?

The making process of the Jacomina knife

The blade itself is made from Damasteel damascus steel. This stainless steel consists of 2 materials that have been forged together. The smith hammers and twists the steel, making an organic pattern in the material. This is later revealed by etching the knife. One steel will colour darker, the other steel wil keep its silver colour. 

The wood of the handle is georgeous Desert Iron wood. It is shaped, sanded, polished and oiled to make a beautiful addition to the blade. The shape is very comfortable and it gives superior control for opening oysters. More control, combined with durable high quality materials. It will make the oyster opening proces safer and more enjoyable.

Each knife is handmade by me in my workshop in the Netherlands. Only heat treatment is outsourced to improve the quality. Every knife is numbered and comes with an attractive case.

The Jacomina oyster knife costs €475 excluding shipping. You can order by filling in the form below. Due to variable waiting times, you do not have to pay up front. After filling in the form, I will contact you by email to make sure everything is clear.