Oyster knife models

Every knife I make is handmade, so if you want a specific delivery date, please contact me before ordering. Emergo Designs offers 3 models:

emergo designs oyster knife
The original Emergo Designs oyster knife

This is the ”original” oyster knife model, designed in 2014. It is a limited edion of 50 pieces, made from RWL34 steel and Paduk wood.

The Flax fiber edition

This is the Flax fiber oyster knife: It has a handle of laminated flax fiber and therefore it is a durable bio-based material. It will last you a lifetime.

The Jacomina oyster knife

Named after one of our families fishing ships, this is the Jacomina model. Might it be the most exclusive oyster knife in the world? It features Damasteel damascus steel that has an amazing etched pattern in the steel.