Hello Oyster Lover! Welcome to this new blog post where I tell about a new shucker that I’m designing. I recently bought a CNC milling machine and now I’m putting it to use. The goal is to make an all titanium oyster knife out of a single block of titanium!

The Syil X7 and the prototype of the Hugo oyster knife.

So why titanium? Well knives are hard because you want to keep a sharp edge. But with hardness comes brittleness which can cause a knife to brake if you use it as a pry bar. And let’s be honest, opening oysters can be a bit like using a pry bar. Titanium on the other hand is springy. It flexes and then returns to it’s original shape. This makes it very suitable for an oyster knife! It’s also lighter than steel and it can’t rust. And you can anodize it in a range of unique colours.

The knife design is called ”Hugo”. Named after my oyster fishing grandpa and the oyster fishing boat our family used to have.

As always I’m filming the process of designing and making. The first episode can be found on youtube:

Thank you for watching and I hope you are as excited for this titanium oyster shucker as I am!