I’m very honored to announce that Emergo Designs is making a limit edition of 20 custom build oyster knives. These shuckers are made exclusively for Zeeland’s Roem. Zeeland’s Roem is part of the Roem Group, Europe’s largest seafood processor with premises in the Netherlands and Germany. Mussels, oysters and prawns play the leading roles.

The contact with Emergo Designs started in september 2019, resulting in a first prototype of the ”pearl” in december. This knife is a lot like the ”original” model, but the shape is slimmer. It also has a swedge and thumb grooves. This makes going into the oyster easier and better controllable.

Black G10 fiberglass was chosen as the handle material. The polished finish is very chique, but also food safe. These shuckers can therefore be used in restaurants. The blade is made from powder metallurgic RWL34. A super tough stainless steel.

All pearl knives will be made in the Netherlands. My workshop is located 20 meters away from the water. Want to see how I make these knives? Please watch the short video below: