The ”Original” oyster knife

Meet my limited edition ”Emergo Designs oyster knife”. A handmade knife out of RWL34 stainless steel and Paduk wood. It has a mosaic handle pin that symbolizes a ”Zeeuwse knoop”: a traditional local symbol of decoration. The knife is made in an old workshop, located 25 meters from the salt water where our family has grown oysters for decades. 

The knife itself is very ergonomically. The large handle gives good grip and control. This allows the user to easily enter the oyster with less risk for the hand that is holding the oyster. The sharp point of the knife can only be maintained because of the RWL34 steel. This pure Swedish powder steel is state of the art and very corrosion resistant. 

The shape of the knife is a real piece of Dutch Design. Sharp lines, high tech steels and beautiful wood. This model is limited to a handmade series of 50 pieces. The knife comes with a wooden box and certificates. The price is €235 and I’m able to ship worldwide (not included in the price).

Every knife is made to order and this will take 2 to 4 weeks. During this time I will keep you posted on the progress. Please click the button below to place your order. An additional payment request for shipping will follow just before shipping.

The ”Original” oyster knife by Emergo Designs