Handmade oyster knife models

Emergo Designs offers 3 models of handmade oyster knives. All models have been designed and tested to be the ultimate oyster shuckers. Due too the handmade aspect, the knives have been constantly updated over the years. The end result is 3 knife models that are elegant and give the user confidence while opening an oyster. 

Every knife is made to order and there might be a waiting time. If you need a knife before a specific date, please contact my by sending and email first. I will let you know if making the knife before the requested date is possible.

Please also contact me if you would like to add a text, engraving or a logo to the knife blade. I can provide this service to make the oyster shucker even more memorable.

The different oyster knife models:

emergo designs oyster knife
The original Emergo Designs oyster knife

This is the ”original” oyster knife model and it was designed in 2014. During this time the design has been updated and improved. The most recent update is the addition of the makers mark and the redesign of the exclusive packaging. The new wooden case makes it perfect as a gift. The knife is a limited edion of 50 pieces, made from RWL34 stainless steel and Paduk wood.

The ”Original” oyster knife


The Flax fiber edition

This is the Flax fiber handmade oyster knife. The handle is made out of flax, a bio based material. The flax is harvested and dried before it is woven into a cloth. I cut the pieces of cloth and cast the material into epoxy. The result is a pretty and durable biobased oyster knife handle. It is a This oyster shucker will last you a lifetime. With the same elegant lines as the ”original” oyster knife, users will experience confidence while opening the toughest oysters due too the comfortable grip and build quality of the knife.

The ”Flax-Fiber” edition oyster knife


The Jacomina oyster knife

Named after one of our families fishing ships, this is the Jacomina model. Might it be the most exclusive handmade oyster knife in the world? It features stainless Damasteel damascus steel that has an amazing etched pattern in the steel.

The shape of the Jacomina model is really pointy and sleek. This makes getting the tip of the oyster knife inside the oyster shell really easy. But this shape can only last because of the quality of the used steel. In other knives, the tip would break. This handmade oyster knife combines Dutch design with modern material engineering.

The ”Jacomina” oyster knife