The Jacomina Oyster Knife

Meet the very special edition handmade knife for oysters: The Damasteel blade Jacomina Oyster Knife.

Because of my strong familial ties, this knife is named after my grandmother and one of our family’s fishing vessels.

Moreover, what I had in mind was to craft a shucking tool that should possess both function and elegance at the same time. So I gathered all the necessary materials required to make a piece that every oyster lover will appreciate.

Most importantly, a knife for oysters that will truly give confidence to its users.

And after a series of prototypes, I came up with the Jacomina model. It is an exclusive oyster knife, the result of the finest Dutch design and unique materials. Among my handmade oyster knives, the “Jacomina” model is the most unique in materials and design.

Might it be the most exclusive oyster knife in the world?

The making process of the Jacomina knife

The Jacomina Special Edition Oyster Knife: Your Perfect Shucking Tool

The Jacomina handmade oyster knife is Emerge Designs’ “Top model knife”. It is known for its lovely Odinheim Damasteel pattern which makes every knife unique.

As far as the handles go, I use the gorgeous Desert Ironwood, resulting in a fully functional knife for oysters with excellent grip. I make sure that it is meticulously shaped, sanded, polished, and oiled. The end result is a wooden handle that makes an excellent match to the blade.

What Comes With The Jacomina Knife?

The Jacomina Oyster Knife truly makes a perfect choice as a special gift to yourself or your loved one and costs €475 excluding shipping. Each knife is made to order and a small waiting time of a couple of weeks might be required. Please contact me if you need a knife before a certain date.

Each knife comes is a wooden design case with a polishing cloth and protective oil. This Jacomina oyster shucker is numbered and comes with a Certificate of authenticity.

The Jacomina Special Edition Oyster Knife: A Perfect Gift

This is one special knife for oysters that is both perfect as a shucking tool and as a present to a loved one on a special occasion.

Made with only the sturdiest of materials and combined with a beautiful design, the Jacomina Oyster Knife is sure to make its way into any oyster with utmost perfection.

Damasteel is the brand of steel that is used for the blade of this shucker. It is an ultra-fine steel that allows for a very pointy knife. This makes entering the oyster easier and makes for a better opening experience.

Make the Jacomina Model a part of your knife collection too!