Handmade Oyster Shucker Models

These tools for oysters offered by Emergo Designs have 3 kinds of beautiful handmade oyster shucker models all of which have been designed and tested to be the ultimate seafood tool.

Due to the knife making experience, these have been constantly updated over the years.

The end result is 3 elegant handmade oyster shucker models to give the user confidence while opening one. 

My company, Emergo Designs, proudly makes and sells exclusive shucking tools for oysters that ship all over the world.

To see more of the various handmade knife models that I made, please click here.

Shucking Tools Exclusively Handmade For Oysters

These handmade oyster knives are made depending on the model.

Exclusively handcrafted with the Damasteel as its blade.

Please go to my photo gallery so you can choose which one you’d like.

If you need an oyster shucking knife before a specific date, please contact me by sending an email first. I will let you know if making the knife before the requested date is possible.

Comfort, fun, and functional design are very important to me because that’s what these handmade oyster shuckers are.

It’s always a pleasure to make one for you and however you want it.

Please also contact me if you would like to add a text, engraving or a logo to the knife blade.

I can provide this service to make the handmade oyster shucker even more memorable.

Emergo Designs’ Oyster Knife Models

Whether you’re a chef, a knife collector, or simply a fan of seafoods — you’ve found the perfect handmade oyster shucker.

The goal was simple: to be able to use a tool for oysters that won’t break the tip and won’t cause hand injury.

Because of that, I thank you for truly believing in Emergo Designs’ workmanship with knives.

Have these Emergo Designs’ knives as a part of your life, and loved ones.

What Comes With The Handmade Oyster Shucker?

There is always a great opportunity to own this elegant shucking knife for oysters.

All of my Emergo Designs handmade knife for oysters is made to order and will take about 2 to 4 weeks and once your original handmade knife is shipped I will keep you posted on the progress.

Please click the button below to place your order.

Also, note that an additional request for shipping costs will follow once the knife is ready.