How I make my custom oyster shuckers in 2021

How I make my custom oyster shuckers in 2021

In this video I show my making process.

With my wedding coming up, I had to make the transition from Research & Development modus to production modus. It was a great opportunity to film all the improvements and little details I’ve added over the last few years. These details like etching your makers mark logo, CNC milling cases on a workbee and oiling with CCL Knife oil are the details that make a custom knife really special.

It is sometimes hard to see from a picture what work goes into making a knife. Or what special details set a knife apart from other products. But I hope this becomes more clear after watching the video. I also hope it shows how flexible I am to customize the oyster shucker to your wishes. Adding engravings, doing another wood for a handle or adding another finish. Al lot is possible and I’m willing to investigate all options to make the knife to your tastes.

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