Since April I’ve been working on the next step for my company Emergo Designs. Full focus on oyster knives, but with more computer controlled milling. This allows for more unique designs, exotic materials and higher quality shuckers. It should also allow me to have a shorter waiting time for my products.

The machine I bought is a Syil X7 CNC mill. It’s relatively compact(1,6×1,6x2m) and light(2000KG) for a mill. For me it’s HUGE! The delivery was not very smooth though:

Luckily we managed to capture a lot of it on film to tell the story. Along came new tools, tool carts, coolant and a compressor. I’m not a machinist and I had to learn a lot of things on how to run a machine like this. This was once again captured in a nice movie for Youtube:

All in all hope to develop a completely new oyster knife with this machine. I’ll be blogging about the process and I’ll share more once I have news. Thanks for reading.

Kind regards, Alexander